Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making Memories Slice Calibration + Video

I made a video on calibrating the Making Memories Slice. I received the new Basic 1 Design Card v1.7 a few weeks ago (you get this disc by registering your Slice), but had not calibrated my slice yet. There is a tutorial on the Why Slice website on how to recalibrate - so I really wanted to show the differences, before and after, although my slice did OK before the calibration and there is not much difference to the shapes I cut - I can still tell a difference. I also have a couple of tips on my video on choosing the best cutting patterns. I hope this helps someone.

This first photo shows 1 1/2 in circles cut with the slice on top of punched circles - the blue one is before calibration - you can see clearly that is is not circular, the white ones are the results of calibration. The left one (E) is my final calibration and is a much better circle.

The second photo shows before & after shapes cut with the slice at 1in. Blue is before & white is after. the biggest difference I saw was in the circles & scallops.

Click on photos for larger views.


  1. Another brilliant advice. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I buy it but when I get a short cut through the center and I signed up but I have to gauge that I have given, if you can send me cynthia.morales.melendez @

  3. Thanks so much. I've just calibrated my slice with the help of your video because there were no calibration instructions in the booklets. It's made a huge difference already. Your video was clear and easy to follow without being overly long or boring. Thank you!